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Frequently Asked Questions about Hardwood Floors: 

Q.: What is the difference between Prefinished and Unfinished Flooring?

A.: The prefinished hardwood floor has beveled edge and it is already stained and varnished in the factory which is ready to install. The unfinished floors has a square edge and needs to be finished on site which gives you a custom finish. Both floors come with 25-year warranty and cost about the same. 

Q.: What is the difference between solid wood floors, laminate and engineering?

A.: When deciding between solid hardwood, laminate or engineering wood floor, first you need to consider where the floor will be installed. If it is over standard subfloor like in most houses or townhomes it is recommended to install solid hardwood like prefinished or unfinished which could be nailed down to the subfloor. Solid hardwood is a thick plank which could be sanded many times and brings up the value of your property. If the installation is over concrete the only options are floating floors like engineering hardwood or laminate flooring which is made specially for the slab foundation. Engineering is made of bendable plywood with hardwood on top of it which make it bendable and moisture resistant. Laminate is simply a cardboard with metal in it which make it very scratch and water resistant. Both of these floor types are recommended for condominiums or basements. 

Q.: How do I install hardwood floor? 

A.: Ensure that the subfloor is smooth and all of the old flooring is removed. Add at least 5% to the square footage when ordering to allow for the cuts and waste. Allow the hardwood floor to acclimate in the room where it will be installed for minimum 24 hours. Usually the installation starts from the longest wall in the room but where to start and direction of lying the planks depends on many more factors. Always use a tapping block or special hammer and never hit the wood directly to avoid fractures of the flooring edge. Inspect each strip of flooring carefully for defects or damage before installing it. Remember to read hardwood flooring manufacturer's installation instruction carefully and this kind of project has a very high level of difficulty. 

Q.: How do I change the stain on my hardwood floor? 

A.: In order to change the color of the stain the floor needs to be sanded with special sanders about 3 times with a range of different sandpaper grids. Use vacuum or swifter to clean the floor of any dust. Apply stain with soaked cloth and smooth out with dry rug right away. Apply with long, even strokes, going with the grain in stripes. Never leave the stain in patches and make sure it is completely dry before you apply the finish. Q. How do I fix scratches and dents? A. Light scorches which are not worn down to the raw wood can be buffed out. Just sand it slightly, match the stain and apply same finish as the rest of the floor. A deep scratch can not be repaired as easily but sometimes it could be filled with matching wood filler but it might not match the floor exactly. When the damage exposes the bare wood consult a professional. 

Q.: What is the best way to clean my floor? 

A.: The best way to maintain the hardwood floor is to sweep, vacuum or mop the floor regularly. Hardwood floors are easily cleaned with dry mop or when floor is stained and soiled clean with damp mob with lukewarm water and little bit of white vinegar. Always clean spills right away and never use cleaners with wax or oil in it.

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